Doctrinal Statement

Code of Conduct

We believe that parents are responsible for the training and education of the children God has entrusted to them. Each parent stands accountable to the Lord for the course that is charted and followed. We will be supportive and respectful of the different methods of education employed by each family.

We agree to maintain discipline of our own children while involved in any group activities, outings or field trips. We will be respectful to our hosts on any given outing. All group activities will be in keeping with Christian beliefs and standards of conduct in order to bring glory to God.

We agree to maintain a Christian organization, reflecting godly morality, principles, and love; desiring as a home education group to honor and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ, and be a light to the world.

We respect and agree not to compromise the privacy of our homeschooling families, including making available to those not in our membership the names, phone numbers and addresses of those families in our group without their prior, expressed consent.

We recognize that information shared at group meetings should be regarded as "informational only" and not suggested as "legal" advice.