How to Become a Member

An annual membership fee is required for each family. This fee is intended to cover expenses such as postage, copy costs, facility usage, etc. It also gives our members free or discounted activities such as choir, education fair, and track and field day. The membership fee this year is $13, which is not pro-rated or refundable. Your membership is not complete until you have submitted the online form and your payment is received.

Yearly registration runs from August to May of the school year.

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How We Communicate

Good communication is essential for a successful FOCUS year.

We have an email loop. When you register and pay the application fee, your email address is automatically added to our list. Members will receive a password after they have registered, allowing them access to the members area.

Members Only Area

Using the password you were provided with at registration, you can login below to have access to the monthly newsletter, as well as send an email out to our email loop. Click the Login page above if you are a member to submit an email for the loop or view documents and newsletters.